MyBookLive password not working after factor reset

Having backed up my MacBook Pro on to MyBookLive using Time Machine, I have been trying to restore the data from MyBookLive to the laptop.
I’ve verified the Time Machine backup file is present on the drive.
All appears to be working fine till the requirement for a username/password to access the MyBookLive. I have read the manuals and used the paperclip to reset the drive with both the short and long reset time values (4secs and 10secs) - neither has been successful.
admin/admin doesn’t work; none/blank doesn’t work
Result is the same whether the drive is connected by ethernet direct to the laptop or to the router.
I’d be grateful for suggestions.

Hi @womac21,

Please refer to the below article to check how to Reset a My Book Live:

Really appreciate you responding. Thanks enormously.

Although the article covered what I had done already, there were links to other articles that guided me to connect to the drive using Dashboard on another computer on my network. That enabled me to reset the password, and moved me past the log in hurdle - and the Time Machine back up restoration is activated. So far, so good.

Thanks again.

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