MyBookLive only showing up under 'Shared Networks' but not under "Devices"

Hello.  I just installed my new MyBookLive and I am using it with two apple computers (a new iMac and a new Macbook). My problem is that the hard drive is only showing up as a "Shared Network’ and I can drag and drop items into it, but I cannot set anything to upload TO it, as I would be able to with any other hard drive which normally would show up in the ‘Devices’ or drives in order for me to choose it (for example: when importing video footage - I want to import the footage directly into the MyBookLive. I don’t want to save it on my computer and then have to move it onto the MyBookLive.) But in the finder, it only shows the MyBookLive as a Shared Network, so I cannot choose it as I normally can with a wired in external hard drive. Please help! Thank you!

since is a network unit not sure if there’s anything you can do to make it show up in devices. 

this is very relevant. i think i had the same problem as you.