MyBookLive Odd connection sensitivity

My MyBookLive 2TB works fine when connected through a Netgear switch slaved off a TP-Link switch, but NOT when connected directly to the same TP-Link switch! Both are gigabit, and I’ve tried different ports and cables, but in every case, the MyBookLive does not appear on the network when connected directly to the TP-Link, only when further connected to the Netgear in daisy chain. All my other devices work fine directly connected to the TP-Link. Why is the MyBookLive fussy like that? I really want to put it in the TP-Link’s location.

Have you checked that Tp-Link switch supports automatic cross detection ?
If you have a cross cable try it.
When connected to Tp-LInk switch what’s the state of led on WD port and switch port?

I didn’t know that was a requirement, is it in the docs? When I connect it to the TP-Link, the TP-Link’s port light stays steady (instead of blinking like all the other connections), and the WD light shows one steady and one dark with an very short blink every few seconds. I’ll try a crossover cable.

Nope, X-over cable has the same result, no data, lights not blinking normally. Switch reports a few RxGoodPkt, zero TxGoodPkt. Yet it works fine if separated further by a passive switch. Puzzling…