MyBookLive not showing up on network location on Win 7 but can be seen by other devices


I have a 3TB MBL. My WD Media Player live can see it on the network and including my PS3 but when I try access this on my Windows 7 Laptop it is not showing up on the network location. I cannot access the management console  via url on the browser either. My friend has a similart setup and he can see his MBL on Windows 7.

My Windows 7 is a 64-but Home Premium

I have a Cisco-LinkSys router WRT310N

Like I said all the other devices can see MBL fine but I cannot access the console management web interface.

Finally, I upload family videos over the internet when I travel but my wife tells me she cannot find the videos on the MBL. That’s why I have to access the console so I can refresh the content. Is there any reason why the MBL is not updating its content list whenever I upload a video to it?

Thanks for the help!!!


did you try typing in the IP address of the MBL instead of the URL?