MyBookLive not booting correctly (Blue Light, Green is intermittent)

Following a recent failed firmware update my MBL 2TB is no longer connected to network. I can’t access the dashboard or UI via browser.

I have tried restting the device but no luck. Is there anyway to access this drive without going through dashboard. How can i get the device out of sleep mode.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Sounds like another botched firmware upgrade. I would contact the WD support number and setup an RMA.

Or by web using

If you can’t afford data recovery and don’t mind breaking your warranty you can also fix it yourself if you have a little computer knowledge. You may also ask WD if they will allow you to open your MBL to recover the data using the data recovery section of this guide and if they allow you to do so, you can backup your data and then RMA the drive.