Mybooklive NAS / Windows 7 and Offline Files

I’m gutted! Offline files in Windows 7 professional is a key feature for me and I cannot get it to work with my WD Mybooklive 2TB NAS drive. When I enable offline files, sync centre reports an error with EVERY file saying it it locked. I’ve mailed WD support, but was wondering if anyone else has this experience. Offline files is excellent for when you have to take your laptop off the network and off the 'net. I can use third party sync tools like sync toy and secondcopy, but this has to be externally managed, Offline files is seamless and has no overhead whatsoever. Thank you for reading.

Works perfectly for me, but I did have issues…

are you storing your files on the “public” share, or on one of your own shares?

Is that share being scanned for media (ie TwonkyMedia scanning)?

My solution was to disable TwonkyMedia server, and just leave the iTunes bit running (only use iTunes anyway!)

You might need to reboot the MBL following these changes.

Hope this helps, just spent an evening figuring out how to get it to work. It required a change in the samba configuration in my case (a WD MyBook WorldEdition II – whitelight). I’ve put the solution on the wikidot site for the WD MyBooks.

Check section 2.3

It does require to login to the linux OS of the NAS, but the site has some nice tutorials on how to do that.