MyBookLive low speed

Hi community,

I have a MyBookLive connected by CAT5e cable to my 1Gb router and I have my laptop connected to the same router with another CAT5e cable.
When I am reading, it does it at 500 Mbits/s but when I am writting it does even worse at 250 Mbits/s.

Do I have to configure anything special in order to have MyBookLive working at 1 Gbits/s ??

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There should not be anything in particular, as long as all your media is 1gb and connects at 1gb. However, all networks are different. I would try another router first in your case.

Read this doc also, for some explanation of what affects the speed:


Thanks for your answer.
I already tried with another 1Gb router (cisco), I also tried with new Cat5e cables and I also even tried with a different laptop and no changes in the low performance of the MyBookLive.
PS: As far as I know MyBookLive is 1Gbs media, since that is what is said in the features of the media.

Any idea?


It is, and at my place it connects at 1gb. However, due to my hardware, never get more than 35-50MBs, which is the norm for 1gig. Wondering if you read the link at all that I provided.


Yes I read it, but it is quite weird to accept that a 1Gb router only works at the half of its capacity.
Anyway, don’t you think there must be an issue in the MyBookLive that it works at 50MB when reading but only 25MB when writting?

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Accept it, sad but true. Look at it this way, my compact 1.6 engine car says it can go as fast and 180mph. Do you really think it can? It is true for all protocols. Read this one as well:

Again, it is not just the MBL hardware that comes into play, source hardware, destination hardware and anything in between will affect it.