MyBookLive Firmware Update Stuck at 26% ... HELP!

Hi Guys,

Was going to upload some pics/videos onto my MyBookLive device and when I went to the MybookLive page it told me there was a firmware update available and I clicked okay to update it. Went away for a bit, came back, and I guess it was trying to install some sort of Java app on my PC and was frozen at 26% as I had to click “Yes” so that the firewall would permit the java app installation.

Well it’s been close to an hour, and it’s still stuck at 26%. So I’m somewhat paranoid to restart it given it has 400 gigs of pictures and videos on it.

Is there anything I can do!?


Please check your private messages.

Thanks … will check tonight when I’m back if it still works, it never went past 26% after a couple hours and I guess overnight the laptop I was using shut down and restarted on its own (Windows update I think), but I haven’t had a chance to try out the drive.

Turns out the firmware never updated, I guess at 26% maybe it hadn’t yet wiped the old firmware and was still downloading the new one or something.

Drive is running fine, on the older 2012 firmware.

Not sure I’ll bother updating given I don’t appear to have any issues.