MyBookLive Duo 8T won't boot up or be ssh into after some apt-get upgrade ... Please help

Hi, all:

MyBookLive Duo 8T has been bricked for a while, please refer to my question:

I found something similar at

but, this is for MyBookLive , but NOT for MyBookLive Duo 8T.

The current symptom:

  1. Fail to ssh into MyBookLive Duo 8T

  2. My router even fail to find an IP address for MyBookLive Duo 8T

  3. No matter USB connection or Wired connection is connected to MyBookLive Duo 8T, the light on MyBookLive Duo 8T keeps yellow.

What caused my current symptom:

I did a bunch of apt-get upgrade , apt-get upgrade git was successful, but as for some other packages, maybe openssh? This apt-get upgrade openssh just crashed MyBookLive Duo 8T.

Can anybody help please? particular, the WD technical supporters please?



jiapei100 wrote:

Can anybody help please? particular, the WD technical supporters please?

First, WD Tech Support isn’t likely to help for two reasons:

  1-  You bricked your device by tampering with the sytem files.

  2- This forum isn’t WD tech support.   You have to call them or open a case.

Second, have you looked here:

Hi, Dear TonyPh12345:

Thank you for your kind reply. However, I actually posted my question after having tested the solution on .

Remove disk B and drop both disk A and B back into the enclosure and power on the NAS

Once the MBLD has booted up go to the dashboard and do a quick factory restore



Actually, I can’t open the dashboard at all after I dropped both disk A and B back into the enclosure and power on the NAS.


I’m thinking to buy another NAS without harddisk in it. Will that work too? It seems my WD NAS is dead now…