MyBooklive Dashboard Share size incorrect

Hi All,

Im having a problem with my shares on the Mybooklive Dashboard. The folder size are incorrect. Some are either way bigger and others report no data at all even though there is data in them. Is there any way to fix this by maybe reindexing via Putty or something? WD Support suggested that I do a Full Factory restore which I think is ridiculous


A reboot of the MBL will usually fix this issue…

Tried that, didn’t work, I’ve also done a Full Disk test and it passed
Any other ideas?

Are you on the latest firmware? I remember this used to be a problem, but was fixed.

I don’t know what a factory restore would accomplish. It is crazy how many people come here saying that support had them press the Reset button or do a factory restore. They need a new flow chart.

Do you have SSH enabled? If so, you can check the folder size from the shell. It might be that Windows is giving you the wrong size due to hidden files or something, and it is not your MBL.

Hi there,

Yes I am using the latest firmware. I have enabled SSH and WinSCPed in to the box. The folder sizes are correct once counting is done in WinSCP. They are the same size as the mapped drives to the shares in Windows Explorer.

Something on the http://MyBooklive page is causing the sizes to be read incorrectly.

I’m going to try accessing using another machine, maybe it has to do with browser caching. Will also try another browser. \

Thanks for your help. The support from WD has been a shocker and you’re right a flow chart or something similar should be used