MyBookLive crash during file transfer with samba

I wonder what percentage of the rootfs was used before you upgraded to a new firmware.


Too late to say, but I for sure had at least 500 MB free on /

Anyway, even if fw is now upgraded, that does not mean problems are now behind me…

True and if they still persist, I would lean towards a hardware fault


For info, yesterday evening I was able to transfer from my DVB-T recorder to my MBL (using samba) 3 files I recorded during the week-end (2 GB + 2GB + 7.5 GB), without crashing my MBL.

Not so bad

My MBL is still in a probation period :wink:

Hi Guys

Some news:

No MBL crash since fw update.

I really suspect the previous fw (hdd drivers ???) had problems with my 90% full hard disk.

Or … maybe the fw update process has reset “something” :smiley:

On monday, level 2 support called me as expected. I will call them back if a new crash occurs



Laptop’s backup tonight thought samba share, and MBL crashes again

I restart the MBL and try again … crash

I’m desperate