Mybooklive compared to Mybookworld

I have logged a problem with support but after 5 days I have not had a response so I thought I would try here.

Firstly how good is the WD support. Am I just unlucky or are they pretty slow to reposed?

I have a new 2gig mybooklive and a mybookworld. After several hours of inactivity (say overnight) I can no longer access the mybooklive although the green light is on. The only solution is a restart. Does not make a difference if energy saver is on or off. The my bookworld which is on the same switch will reconnect virtually instantly.

I can ping the device and it responds but can find no way of reconnecting.

The performance over the network of the mybooklive when it is connected seems to be significantly slower than the mybookworld.

Is there something wrong with the unit or have other experienced similar issues.

I am running Mac OS Lion, but I had the same issues running OS Snow Leopard.

Panoramics, have you been able to get in contact with the Support Team?