MyBookLive causing Win7_64 Pro to hang on shutdown

I’ve encountered a very weird problem with a new laptop running Win7 Pro 64-bit. If the MyBookLive is connected to the network, the laptop will not shut down or reboot. In addition, the laptop will not recognize any USB device that is plugged into a USB port.

I’ve tested this laptop extensively on this network with and without the MyBookLive drive attached to the network. This problem ONLY occurs when the MyBookLive is attached to the network. I’ve also tested the laptop on other networks and the problem simply does not occur elsewhere. The problem is very clearly directly related to the MyBookLive.

The MyBookLive is set to DHCP, and is pulling an IP address, and i can connect to the config page no problem. I updated to the latest firmware, hoping that would solve the problem, but no joy.

I’m stumped. Any suggestions?

I have the exact same issue with my MyBookLive.

Laptop won’t shutdown + select USB ports are no longer recognized.

I’ve been in touch with customer support without any progress so far.


I am  having the same issue.   After installing the My Book live on my laptop,  Win7 64 bit.    Hangs on shutdown and USB ports stop working some of the time.  HP Elitebook 8740w

amazing…this seems a common theme with 64 bit systems.  I’m having the same problems on my wife’s HP Vista 64 laptop.  she is not happy, thus making me not happy.  If anyone has a solution that works for win 7 let me know, maybe it’ll work for Vista.  I’ve tried uninstalling from device manager, uninstalling from network list, all of which hang up.  Her computer is having the same symptoms, not shutting down/hybernating/blue screening and now the installed SD reader is not working.  I’m afraid what else I’ll find.  basically, just want it off her system, as my 32bit  Win7 and XP computers are running it just find.

hmm, my wife has an HP vista 64 bit laptop and it’s fine.  are you using smartware? Maybe it’s trying to transfer new files when you go to shut down? Open up smart ware before you shut down and see if there are files still pending to be transferred.

Also, what happens if you use the dashboard to shut down the drive.  then can you power off the PC?

I have been having this problem as well and I have checked , and it is defnetley the harddrive, when I boot up the computer without being plugged into the harddrive, it doesnt have the same problems. it shuts down fine without the harddrive. Its really anoying becauase I am a laptop, and constantly plugging in and out usb devices.

This may be hard to accept, but it MUST be a windows issue. There is NO valid reason why a network attached service should stop a PC from shutting down.

Same thing happened to me, Win 64bit on a brand new HP DM1z, did all possible upgrades to Windows and problem dissapear, have no idea why this happened or how it got fixed but it took 2 days of strugging to get it fixed, indeed this is a windows + NAS compatibility problem.

Something interesting is that after 30min of showing the “shutting down” message, Windows crashes into a BSOD showing a Device_Power_State_Failure

Hope this help

I found that it would not shut down properly at home (where the mybooklive is) and at work it would shutdown fine (No mybooklive)   I went into device manager while at home and disabled the mybooklive item under diskdrives and i could shut down fine.   I dont know if this is a Windows issue or a Mybooklive issue specifically but without a connection to the device everything works fine.

TonyPh12345 wrote:
This may be hard to accept, but it MUST be a windows issue. There is NO valid reason why a network attached service should stop a PC from shutting down.

I thought exactly the same thing (it’s logical, right), until I read this post:

mcarlton wrote:

… After installing the My Book live on my laptop…

People do not quite understand what does what and what is what.You did not install MB Live to your computer, it was some crappy software that you installed there. Don’t blame the nas drive (or some other computer on your network) when you install some weird ■■■■ on your computer. When you get an email supposedly containig nude pictures of Anna Kournikova and after trying to open them you don’t blame Kournikova for messing up your computer, or do you?

I asked some of our team about this and you might find this helpful.

There is  a Microsoft forum post that addresses an issue similar to this with the My Book World product The fix was to change the startup type of the PnP-X IP bus Enumerator service from Automatic to manual. Some people suggested disabling the SSDP service. 

If that doesn’t help, you could send me a crash dump file with the BSoD?