MyBookLive caused internet connection problems with other computers

So we have 4 laptops, 3 xbox 360s, ps3, ipad in our house all connected to the same internet.  Everything was working fine, and then I installed the 3 TB MyBookLive so we can all access movies/music through each xbox/ps3/ipad. 

Everything seemed to install fine, and I put music/video on the mybooklive and could access it through my xbox 360 that is directly connected to the router.  But other laptops and my ps3 could not connect to our internet wirelessly anymore.  I restart the modem/router and my laptop gets connection again (like right now), but when my laptop falls asleep it will lose the connection and not be able to connect.  I can see the internet connection, but I can’t connect to it unless I restart my router.

This all happened when I installed the MyBookLive on our network.  Is this a common problem?  Is there anything I can do?  Does the MyBookLive take up too much bandwidth or something, or is my router out of date?  Can someone give me some ideas on how to fix this problem.

Much appreciated, Thanks!

Try reserving an IP for the MBL in your router.  Maybe also reduce the dhcp license timer, so it’s refreshing sooner.

Yes, I’ve tried reserving and IP for the MBL.  What is the dhcp license timer?

Another wierd thing is that my PS3 cannot connect wirelessly to the internet when the MBL is connected.  But I can run an ethernet cable to the PS3, and it connects fine.  If the MBL is not connected, my PS3 can connect wirelessly.

I’m having the same problem. Was a solution ever identified?