MyBookLive cannot be acessed via SSH

Hello all.

I have SSH enabled in my MyBookLive, changed the password to my own and all worked well.

At some point, I decided to disable login with password in SSH, to switch to SSH keys (by changing sshd_config file). It all went well also, until I decided to edit manually the authorized_keys file and totally lost access to the drive via SSH.

I can access via UI, Samba, via FTP, but not via SSH… Disabling and enabling SSH via UI did not fix it.

I know that if I install a new firmware or do a factory reset, I’ll be able to get my control over it, but I was trying to avoid it.

Any other way you can think of, that would default SSH settings, so I could get back in? Using reset button would work?

Thanks in advance for any help.

I think I found the solution myself, after searching properly in the forum ( ). Has anyone used it recently with success (my fw version is currently 02.32.05-046)?