Mybooklive - Can I copy anything to the "shared Pictures" directory?

Hello All,

I have had a MBL for about a year, my unit failed last week and I just got a replacement. I upgraded to the latest firmware and began copying my files back. I have a mixture of pictures and videos which i copied into the Shared Pictures directory as I share these over my network. I came back twice to find my windows 7 machine that I was copying from with a fatal error warning mid copy. The NAS was also in a funny state, I couldnt delete the directory it was mid way through copying. I eventually had to reboot the NAS. I redid the copy and the same happened. Again I had to reboot the NAS to delete the files. This time I put video files in the shared video DIR and only photos in the shared photo DIR. then it was fine, my question is are these special directories?



No, there’s nothing special or magical about those folders…

What’s the “Fatal Error” you’re receiving?


It was a windows fatal error, I didnt Jot it down. I had thought it might be something to do with the way those directories are shared out by the twonky service. Like I say it did leave the MBL quite broken. Maybe the best thing to do is open a support case.