MyBookLive Backup speed? Also, WD2go question?

I had recently purchased the 3TB Mybooklive NAS drive. After setting up settings I am doing a catagory back up. It is backing up about 2 GB per hour. Is this a normal back up speed?

Also, When I try to remotely acces my drice via an outside PC I get an error message “Network Name cannot be found” after I click “Connect with Explorer.” Any solutions would be helpful


That’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay slower than what you should get, but since you’re making a “category backup” it sounds like you’re suing Skynet (Smartware), so it can be slow.

First, what router do you have? If it’s not Gigabit-capable then it’s going to make the MBL even slower, check the back of the MBL (The Ethernet port) and if the light is amber instead of green, then it’s working on Megabit mode so it will be slow, and even on Gigabit mode it will be even slower than Megabit if you’re copying the files wirelessly.

Also try manually copying files to the MBL, it should be way faster than Skynet (Smartware) but have in mind that ports, overall network topography, optimization, quality and types of cables used, firewall and security will bottleneck your network performance.