MyBookLive-backup Network Share Appearing on Mac

What is the “share” showing up along with the expected “MyBookLive” share called “MyBookLive-backup”?  It showed up immediately after I powered on the device.  I am running the latest Mac OS and I have not enabled Time Machine yet.

When I click on the "MyBookLive-backup it just says Connection Failed.  What is it?

On my XP PC this network share does not appear, it’s only on the Mac.

The “-backup” share is a feature, used for Time Machine backups over the network. It’s described in the User Guide under 

“Backing Up Without WD SmartWare” > “Apple Time Machine.” In Time Machine preferences, MyBookLive-backup shows up as a selectable disk that you can designate for backups. 

Evidently you can’t connect to it directly, as you discovered. In the User Guide it says…

“In Finder, you will see a folder that corresponds to your backup drive that includes the word “backup.” This is a protected folder that is automatically created and where all of your backups reside. It serves no purpose for users other than to store Time Machine backups. In fact, if you try to connect to it, you will get a “Connection Failed” message.”

However, this backup “ghost” folder will eventually eat up all free space on MBL, with no feasible control of its appetite!  Very inferior design logic I would say…