MYBOOKLIVE appears twice in Network

Once as MyBoolLive and once as MYBOOKLIVE.  The former is inaccessible.  It also appears in My Computer as drive :Y.  How do I delete the MyBookLive Network instance?


If you mean that you have the MBL mapped twice, right click on the one that you want to remove and select disconnect.

Thanks for the response.

The ability to “disconnect” in the way you describe applies to the Public (MyBookLive) (:Y) mapped-drive entry in the main “Computer” pane, but not to the two Network/MYBOOKLIVE instances in the left pane.  I’ve not tried to “disconnect” the former, but if I did I’m sure it would only make the similar entry in the left-pane disappear and would not cause one of the Network/MYBOOKLIVE entries to disappear.

Try and restart the MyBook Live.

Can this be done from WD Quick View?  I see it offers a “Shut  Down” option at the moment.  Does this change to a “Restart” option if invoked?  If not, I guess it’s a case of power down/up?  Or are you suggesting the “paperclip in the back of the unit” reset procedure?