MyBookLIVE 3tb Speed Optimization


I recently bought the MyBookLIVE 3tb external drive… love the possibilities of having this being an easily accessible point of storage for all of my media over the next few years.

However, not exactly being a networking guru, I am wondering if there is anything I can do (tweaks, etc.) to ensure I am getting the best possible speed read/write out of this drive.

I am primarly using a Windows 7 x64 laptop with a Linksys WRT300N router.  I am transferring files from various sources (Laptop internal Drive; Laptop CD/DVD drive; WDTV Live Hub; 500GB external USB 2.0 Hard Drive) to the MyBook.  Dumping files to the MyBook (regardless of source) averages 4MBs-9MB/sec. 

Is this about right? 

livehubber wrote:

Dumping files to the MyBook (regardless of source) averages 4MBs-9MB/sec. 


Is this about right? 

For wireless it may be.   All of my systems are wired and I can get 3 to 5x that speed.


Thanks for the reply.

My network is all wired…not using wireless at all.  Any ideas on what I might be able to do to troubleshoot or speed it up?

I woudlnt’ use the HUB as a good benchmarking reference; it has its own limitations.

Your router is 10/100 ONLY, so that’s probably your bottleneck.   9 megabyte per second roughly equates to 72 megabits per second (and when you add in overhead, you’re probably maxing out the WRT300N.)

Ok, so would it be a noticeable difference if I went to a Gigabit/better router or should I be happy enough where I am?  After all it’s only time and to ‘set it and forget it’ isn’t that much of a problem I suppose.

Looking online… is a Gigabit switch something I could attach to my setup to boost the speed?

Yes, gigabit should markedly improve performance. And yes, you can use a gig switch instead of replacing your router.