Mybooklive 3tb dlna issues after firmware update

I had a whole lot of videos working perfectly and streaming to my tv. I couldnt even get the videos to load on a seagate goflexnet, and was extremely happy with the wd mybooklive.  I updated the firmware all the way to the most current. Had to do it twice now only a handful of videos load. Maybe 15% load. They all worked fine, I use googletv, and have tried to rebuild and rescan my library in the wd settings. Any known issues with the new firmware? The dlna is enabled, and I do get a few videos that load, but the rest just don’t show up on my googletv. I can see the actual files still when I browse them, but thats it. Any suggestions? I’m about to return it and get another one and curl up in a never upgrade the firmware ball of fear. Also these files are avi and mkv. A mixture of both are not playing. The ones that are playing are all mkv that I noticed.

Dude, another update came out yesterday so I’d try it out if I were you =)