MyBookLive 2TB Issues

Everything was working fine and then one day a red light appeared.  Spoke with WD Support and after changing cables, unplugging and replugging nothing happened.  Now I cannot access the MyBookLive and the light on the front is BLUE then changes to GREEN then back to BLUE all the time.  The ethernet lights on the back…one is solid and the other blinking like all is fine.  Then they disappear and reappear.  This happens all the time now.  I called today and Support told me to send in and they will review the issue and wipe off all the data.  They stated the only way I could get my data is to have a Data Recovery company retrieve the information. 

Has anyone else had to use a Data Recovery company before sending their unit in to be fixed?  How much does that cost? 

They all vary, very hard to tell, but expect to spend at least $100-$500 if you ask me. And even then, no guarantees.

Now, the best thing you can do from now on, it is to have a backup, or just use MBL as the backup unit. Backup means you have 2 or more copies of the same data across multiple devices. Some nice reading:

Now, if you just want to recover/delete the data, the following guide will explain how to recover it up to step #2.

Be aware: This will void you warranty. As of matter of fact, check with support, since any action in which the case is open, voids your warranty, but it seems they are telling you otherwise.

 And last, the above link it is to debrick/unbrick MBL, there are multiple guides in case you want to do it yourself.

What does Debrick mean?