Mybooklive 2T the light does not work

Mybooklive 2T the light does not work
I can not find my device in network.
I have open a new case since 11.11 but nobody has replied yet.
I have very important files in this disk, which can not be accessed.

Please advice.

Sorry to hear abut your NAS, will take this oppurtunity to attempt to make sure you understand the following: BACKUP

First paragraph under “Backup”:

Home users might not need redundancy but they definitely need backup, which basically means keeping separate copies of data in multiple places so that if something happens to one place you can turn to another. The more copies of data you have, the safer it is.

I would recommend you take the time to read it.

use this debricking guide that will allow you to keep your data safe.

Also look at these guides…

To recover data;

To unbrick 2TB:

But first, I would wait for support to see what they say. Do not forget, if you open the case, it will void your warranty.

Are you sure it is plug into a working power source? I keep thinking there should a LED with some color, any color except off.

Whata about the back LEDs? Check front and back, also match the colors to the manual and post your findings.

thank you for your replies!

Yes, the best is to wait for support, because my disk has two more years warranty.

Yes, I am sure that it is plugged into a working power source. Suddently it stopped working … I lost it from my network and then I noticed that the green led stopped lighting. The disk does not reacts when I connect the power cable … :frowning:

None of the leds are working.