MyBookEssential3TB: Photos Backs up JPEG image files but not associated RAW (ARW&NEF) image files

I have apparently succssfully backed up our jpeg image files, but the WD Smartware Program is not also backing up the associated Raw image files ( *.ARW (Sony RAW File) and *.NEF (Nikon RAW File)  ).


1.  Image File Size:  jpeg files are ussually half the size of raw files.  ?

           Example:  DSC01122  JPEG image @  9,888 KB and (same file name) DCS01122  ARW File @ 24,992 KB

2.  File Name(s) Identitical, soooo the program grabs the smaller of the two ?

3.  After other issues and receiving a repalcement unit,

     It appears that if I don’t update my software and firmware, as recommended, it works fine !  ? ? ?

Thank you!


ARW and NEF file extension are not supported for Category Backup.

Supported and non-supported file types in a Category Backup in WD SmartWare

You can backup those file extension by using the “File Backup” option. Check page #41 of the WD Smartware User’s Manual for more information.