Mybook World White Light problems

After a firmware update, the device is not showing on my computer anymore and my web gui logon is no longer working, if I put a wrong password in its quick to tell me its wrong, but the correct one just sends me back to the log in screen.

 I can log in via SSH (thank god) BUT can I fix this ? I’m not very cleaver with ssh so some help would be apperciated.

C’m on guys, what ssh commands do I use to move the data from 1 mbw to another ?

It turns out that the system thinks the drive is part of a raid array, i have the box in bits trying to read the drive’s contents on a PC.  Its not looking good.  As we all know these devices are junk.

well heres where I am so far.  I nstalled suse on my mac in a virtual machine. i used managed to use dolphin to read  the share, and started to copy the files, when after a few files the system reported an error. The drive is now in a PC running spinrite.  Its got 63 hours to go on level 2.

stay tuned…

Apparently the firmware did not updated correctly. Good luck using SpinRite.

Alucardx23 wrote:

Apparently the firmware did not updated correctly. Good luck using SpinRite.

I wish that were true, then I could simply copy my data to my PC via Linux.  Sadly it seems that the hard drive became corrupt.  

For what its worth the update did take OK, and I suspect the drive was failing before the upgrade.  I have 5 of these drives and this is the only one that failed and now thinking about it,  I did notice slow tranfers on this unit.

Spinrite refuses to finish the repair flagging up an error on the data partition (which I will provide a link to below), but did manage to scan partitions 1 through 3.  After plugging the drive back in to the controller, the admin gui is back fully working.

I am now trying to copy as much of my data as I can, then I’ll nuke the drive & do another surface scan  - Assuming the drive is good - I’ll use the Mybook Format tool to put the partitions back, and mybook rescue for the OS.  Should be like new again after that.

Oh I know this is a consumer item, not meant to be user upgradable - or fixable BUT - you would have thought they would let you run some kind of disk check and fix from the gui ?


Despite trying my best I was unable to rescue my data, all was lost. (not supprised really).

I wiped the drive and tried to run a surface scan, but the program kept crashing half way though, so I formated the drive for use with the MyBookWorld, then ran the MyBookWorld rescue program, put the system back together again, did a factory restore to format the data partition.

I’m now filling it up with 2TB of **bleep** to see if I can read it back. - Time will once again tell.

It turns out you can download a WD Disk check software and it reports the drive as bad., so thats the root cause - nothing to do with firmware upgrades, scrambled data.  Just plain old drive failure.