MyBook World (white light) MAC


I have been using a My Book World (white light) 1Tb drive connected directly to my MacBook Pro. It was slow but worked OK as a place to store image files. Now, however, although it shows up in my Shared places in Mac’s Finder, it never connects when I double click on it and so I cannot access the public folder that I had been seeing. Hence, I cannot at the moment access the image files I have stored on the drive. Any ideas would be very welcome. I read somewhere that it would be slow on some networks. And that it did not like DCHP. But, I am not technical – it worked out of the box originally but now it doesn’t and I am a bit stuck. So, ideas very welcome from anyone who can help!

In the last few hours, I have used a Netgear fast thernet switch for the connection between the MyBook Word edition and my macBook Pro. It seems to make no difference. I still get the same problem, I can see the MYBook drive but cannot connect to it in order to see the public folder with the files I need to access.