MyBook World webUI and Media server OK but can't browse through network

My Book World (white light) was working fine as network drive until I replaced the router. It has obtained a new ip address (DHCP) and I can access the web UI (although it is slow), and I can browse the music and photos as it is seen as media server. I also have a WD TV Live Hub that seems to be working fine since the new router (see it as media server and network folder). But WD Link does not detect either device. 

WD Discovery does not run properly on my Windows 8 Surface (the window is cutoff and interface appears corrupted) but it seems to run well well enough to detect both drives.

Appreciate any suggestions.

Found the problem - the Work Group name in the settings was different from the current setting on the rest of the network; this was not a recent change, but somehow created a problem when the router and ip addresses were changed.