MyBook World Slow Unstable Transfer Rate

I recently ran into problems with my WD My Book World Edition 2 (2TB - White Light - Single Drive), because the transfer rates, when copying a file to the harddrive is REALLY low and unstable. The copy dialogue starts with showing 10-11mb/s and drops to 0 immediately then it goes up to around 900kb/s and drops to 0 again and this is ongoing repeatedly till the file is finished copying.

That means a transfer rate about 400kb/s - 800 kb/s which is unacceptable for using the drive normally. I use the newest firmware (1.02.14). Is there anything I could do, to improve this rate or the stability of it? Does anyone have the same problem?

Hello, check if the link below helps.


no that Link is unfortunately not the solution because I use a Gigabit Modem/Router connected with Gigabit capable LAN cables and the board of the PC, which is used to move the files, supports Gigabit as well.

I also tried different firewall / AV solutions and different PCs.

My main problem is the instability of the transfer rate, which shouldn’t be that worse even if I only had a 100Mbit/s connection?