MyBook world II

This drive is by far the most frustrating and positively the worst piece of kit I have purchased in years. It was bought to act as a central storage solution for my home network and a media drive to enable my DNA enabled TVs etc to access the media such as music films etc. I am having the same problem as most people when copying files across from my main desktop pc the drive hangs after a while and all I can do to get it working again is to turn it off and restart it. After which it will copy a few more directories. This is the second drive as I sent the first back thinking it a fault. I didn’t realise at the time that it was a more general problem. It keeps locking up and then coming back with a message stating that the network name is not found etc. It’s about time WD did something to fix this as it has convinced me never to purchase their kit ever again. So much wasted time. and at least two months of copying files in spare moments between freezes. I also tried using putty and implementing a few changes which have been suggested in the postings but with no luck, it has locked up again which is why my time is better spent having a rant. IF there is anyone out there who can help me to get this drive working properly with my Network and primarily XP SP3 machine please let me know. I have a reasonable amount of technical ability but can sometimes come unstuck without the detail as I am not used to things like FTP and altering source code etc.  Now looking at a buffalo drive as a possible replacement. Luckily I still have a copy of all my music on a portable backup disk. Thanks :cry:

I hear you, and feel your pain.

I can’t offer any advice, as I’m having trouble of my own.

I’m looking to put the whole thing down to mis adventure and buy one of these;

HP EX490

This bug seems to live for years in the MBWE II, maybe a short fix can help you, too. My box improved after disabling MioNet and temporarily stopping Twonky and inetd (by SSH, instructions here). WD support simply ignores this problem, their answer to my trouble ticket was “please change your drive and get an RMA” without ever thinking about a software bugfix.