myBook World Edition NAS 1TB drives are clicking and not booting (2@ 500Gig drives internally)

Unplugged device to rearrange cabling and mybook will not start, no blue circles, drive spins a sec and stops, ethernet connect glows yellow.

  1. removed drives and hooked to PC, both drives spool up fine- not seen by Windows Vists through a USB/SATA enclosure

  2. reinstalled drives nothing happens.

  3. moved to another power connection nothing happens

  4. Data recovery service wants a minum of 800 up to 4400

Can I buy another worldbook, remove new drives and put old drives in place to see if it is the power supply or conrtoller card?  Dont want to lose data

when you log into the my book world user interface does it tell you which drive is bad?  or does it say both are bad.