Mybook World Edition II Mac ERROR

Hi Guys,

I have the Mybook world edition 1TB (the white light) drive. I’ve had it for like almost a year now, and used to connect to it from macbook PRO. Recently I haven’t been able to connect to it, it does appear on my network but when I click on it  all it says is “Connecting” and does nothing. I can’t access my Public share drives from my Mac, however I can access the setup page through Bonjour and make changes etc. I am also able to access all the files on the drive via another windows laptop running vista. I’ve tried every setting possible and nothing seems to work.

Can anyone help me please?



Hello freind have you tried to reset the unit? Try these instructions.

Let me know how it works out


Yes i did try it out and no luck still. I still dont understand how it is accessible via PC and not on the mac?

Any help is appreciated