MyBook World Edition II--Can not move or Rename directories/files--WD phone support not useful


I have MyBook World Edition II setup on my windows Vista 64b PC.

The drive is mapped as a network shared drive on the PC. I  can copy files, and delete files from the drive.

But I have two problems:

1)  I can not rename files or folders already on my MBWE drive.

  1. Also I can not move files from my PC’s  hard disk to MBWE.  When I try to move the files it trys to calculate the amount of time it will take and is stuck there. But  instead of move if I do a copy from my PC hard drive to MBWE drive it works and then I need to delete the files from my PC hard drive.

I am able to do both of the above things using a FTP client, so my guess is that **bleep** may be something to do witth access writes.

I have setup the user as Admin with read/write access and as a member of admin group.

So I am out of ideas on what may be wrong.

Any suggestion ?

Everything else works fine. I am able to access shared photos/music from iphone, and access my MBWE from outside LAN. I have to say copying anything from a USB2 port attached HD to MBWE is dead slow if you are using the USB2 port on the MBWE. Instead you are better of connecting your USB2 HD direct;ly to your PC, if you want to copy anything from your USB2 HD to MBWE.