MyBook World Edition dead

I have a MyBook World Edition 1TB network drive (blue light) that has died.  It started disappearing from the network from time to time, then after an extended trip I came home and it was nowhere to be found.  The blue lights do not come on after power up, even though I can hear the drive spin up.  Since it’s out of warranty (by two months!) I figured what-the-heck and cracked it open.  I removed the drive and put it into an external enclosure, then plugged it into a USB port.  It can’t be seen by my PC … can be seen but not read by my Mac (“The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer.  Initialize/Ignore/Eject”)

So …

  1. should I be able to see the drive in this fashion, or is there a proprietary format of some kind on the World Edition because it’s a NAS?

  2. assuming I should be able to see contents of the disk if it were okay, does this mean the disk is fried?

  3. if the disk is fried, can I replace it with an off-the-shelf drive with hope of having a working NAS device again?

  4. if so, how should the new drive be formatted before placing it back in the World Edition enclosure?

Hi there, to bring some light:

1- The drives inside MBWs are formatted EXT3, which is Linux-based and NOT propietary. Any computer that reads EXT3 either naturally or with a software should be able to read the drive.

2-  I don’t understand the question.

3- Nope, the case will only work with the original drive that came with it if the drive itself was never formatted, this was confirmed by WD on  this thread .

4- Please read answer 3… Try a NAS case that works with any drive.

Thanks for the quick reply. 

So, to summarize, it appears that the drive is fried and the data unrecoverable, based on the fact that I cannot read it when it’s housed in a USB enclosure and attached to e.g. my Mac (which can indeed  read EXT3).  And, the enclosure is useless unless I replace the drive with a new unformatted WD Caviar model #WD10EACS which is what’s in it now.  Wonder if a later model of this drive (e.g. WD10EARS), which is more power efficient (and much cheaper – $55 vs $199 on Amazon) would work?  If not, the prospect of paying $199 for a fix seems stupid given the price of new ones. 

I think I have a rather stylish doorstop :frowning: and am in the market for a new NAS … perhaps Seagate this time? See my experience above, it may help