MyBook World Edition, can't sign into web interface?

Hi, something’s gone worng with my MyBook World Edition 1TB … it’s the one with the white vertical light.

I can see it in WD Discovery and I can open the login web page via Configure on WD Discovery… but when I log in just see the login screen re-presented with an error on the upper part of the screen…

Warning: is_dir(): Stat failed for /DataVolume/torrent (errno=5 - Input/output error) in /proto/SxM_webui/ctcs/ on line 24

I know the password’s correct… if I put in an invalid password it tells me, when I put in the valid password it’s fine except I don’t actually seem to log in… just the error above and the login screen again.

What can I do?

I’d prefer not to lose data on the drive but it’s not critical if I do.

Thanks in advance!

Check this thread:

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Same thing for me  :(  Mine did this after I updated firmware. Called tech support and they web into my pc to fix it but no luck!

So he said we can try a full wipe of HD at this point I said sure [Deleted] !! Well that did not work and now no login and no nothing ,well there was some thing he said my warrenty was and is up as off 1/11 and he could not do any thing more for me lol . Thanks ■■■■ on me with update then tell me after wipe of HD warrenty is up lol. I know I updated it but what about the people set to auto update?

So I removed the drive and I can see it under WIN7  just nothing is on it? 463G