MyBook World edition can't mount folders on MacOS Snow Leopard

I have 4 folders on my MyBook World Edition 1TB drive, Public, Download and two folders that is connected to two users. On my desktop I have aliases for the Public and Download folders on the desktop but not for the other one. 

When I try to connect to the drive (by double clicking my start disk and select the drive under “shared”)  nothing happens.

The names of the folders doesn’t appear in the Finder window. I have tried to connect as admin, Guest and the two registered users that I have but  nothing works.

When I double click the aliases for the Public or Download folders I can connect (logging in as one of the users or as Guest) and open these folders and they appears as drives on the desktop. After closing these windows it seems that I cannot open them again. When I try I get the rotating wheel indicating that my Mac is busy.

The drive is accessable through the web interface and I cannot see anything special there. I see the four folder and I can change settings.

Any suggestions?