MyBook World Edition Blue Rings 1tb mk1 - no access to Public share

I have bought a used 1tb MBWE Blue Rings mk1 and there is no access to the Public share (“network path not found” on XP Pro SP3). The web interface is working, I can create ne users and shares, but new shares are only 2.43gb in size. It is on fw 02.0.19 and from what I’ve seen on this appears to be 2 files that have been removed on fw update (assuming the MBWE has been hacked of course).

Is there any guide to restoring this version of the MyBook to working factory state, like this one for the “white lights” version? Or can someone give me help on restoring the 2 missing files to my drive?

Did you try resetting all settings to default on the user interface and updating the firmware?

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