Mybook world Edition 2TB Connection drops have to power off/on

I keep losing connection to my NAS this happens after a couple hours every day . I cant browse the shares iny My Computer or connect to the Web interface http://mybook / and it also doesnt show in the WD Discovery Tool it says no Devices was discovered. I can ping the device fine though ??? when this happens the only way i can get it back online is by turning the WD Mybook off/on

I am on the latest firmware and i have turned the Power saving option off but this has not made a difference i have also gave it a static IP and tried DHCP but it still goes offline anyone got any ideas?

Everytime it happens this is in my Log file

MyBookWorld init: Starting pid 14831, console /dev/null: ‘/usr/bin/killall’

This is seriously starting to annoy me what is the point in a NAS if you have to pysically restart it every couple hours

I just got the same device and am seeing the a similar problem with the connectivity, but have a different message (during backup):

Error Code: 12
Time: 5/21/2010 1:36:27 AM
File: c:\users…
Additional Info: The specified network name is no longer available

I too have a 2TB whitelight Mybook and get connection drops whenever I try to copy a lot of data or even when I connect via putty.  I’ve disabled mionet (using steps suggested by others that really stops it) but no success.   I haven’t had to reboot though - after a couple of minutes I can access the NAS again.

When I’m connected via SSH using PuTTY, after 15 minutes or so I get a PuTTY Fatal Error dialog “Network error: Software caused connection abort”.