MyBook World Edition 1tB with blue rings has failed

Hello, I am a new user on the bulletin board so I hope I am not duplicating this problem.

Until a couple of days ago, the MyBook was woking fine. I went to look at a file yesterday and the MyBook could not be seen on my home network. The outer blue ring was lit all the time. I decided to power the unit down and re-boot it but when I re-applied power, there were no blue lights in either ring and the unit was making a very quiet sound like a clock ticking.

I have checked the power supply and it stands at 12.001v DC and because I suspected there might be a power problem I have also checked that the drive inside-a WD10EACS-was receiving power, which it was. Both 12v and 5v.

So now I have no idea what to do next.

If anybody has any thoughts or sugestions I would be very grateful as I need to get my data off this device.

Then, I will buy a dual drive RAID device so I don’t get bitten again!

Many thanks in advance…

If you can hear a ticking or ticking sound coming from the hard drive, is provable that you might need professional help to recover the information.

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Many thanks for your advice. I can advise that I have fixed the problem by replacing the PSU.

All is fine now.

What is a PSU?

I am experiecing the same issues.

The PSU is the Power Supply Unit. One of the two leads plugs in to the MyBook and the other lead plugs in to a mains outlet.

I bought my replacement PSU from a seller on a well known auction site.

Hope this helps.

Hi there,

I have the blue rings but with 2 drives which has developed the exact same ticking noise.  I have bought an identical drive with same model number and was to transfer the controler card and PSU to my drive. Do you feel there is any danger in this. ie the controller is specific to each drive and may cause damage if substituted?

Is there a number to call WD technical in the UK?

Thanks in advance


Hello there,

I would be inclined first of all to try the power supply from your “New” Mybook  by plugging it in to your broken one. If your broken one boots up OK then your problem is solved!

If this does not solve the problem then you will have to break in to your Mybooks-there is a latch to press down at the top and the bottom which will enable the cover to be released- and my advice would be to try one of your ticking drives in the unit you have just acquired. If the ticking drive spins up OK then you could possibly have a problem with the control board.

I would only consider changing that as a last resort-indeed I also placed a bid for a Mybook with no drive just to get the control board and power supply but it sold for more than I was prepared to pay.

If you find it is the power supply I got mine off a well known auction site from a seller called DigiDave.

Hope this helps.