Mybook world - blue ring - spontanously stops working and locks up

My Mybookworld 1tb blue ring seems to work just fine for a while (anywhere from 10 minutes to a day).  It is accessible by all machines on my network (although sometimes not seen by my vista machine) , and then all of a sudden it just locks up.  It isn’t overheating that I can tell, and I have even elevated the unit in a cradle to get better convective airflow vertically through the unit.

When it locks up, the rings stays lit, but I can’t turn it off.  If I pull the plug and repower the unit - it is fine again immediately.

When I first purchased the unit I RMA’d 3 units, and they  all did this.   After some network tweaking It worked fine for the last 8-10 months, and suddenly started acting up again recently (no I don’t remember the network tweaks).  I have it configured with a static IP at the moment.

I have seen similar posts all over the web, but no good responses.  Anyone have any ideas, this is really bothersome.


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I have the same problem.  I think mine is dying. Surprised know one will answer these issues.

Mine quit too… just got a RMA #.  I hope they replace it with another model

I don’t think its dying.  I think this is just something that has always existed and they didn’t want to take the time and effort to fix.  I went through three drives when I first purchased mine before I got one that could hang on the network more than a day.

Personally, even though I own a few WD drives that have held up nicely,  I am starting to think its work the money to go to a more reliable brand and not have to mess with rebooting the **bleep** drive every time I need to work kwith it.

The pain of ownership has now surpassed the pain of the cost to switch brands.


Geez, if I didn’t know any better I could write the exact same post as Ppicone.

I know I have everything set up on this drive perfectly and it just acts like you all say.

I have to literally unplug the unit before it will wakeup and act normal for a few hours or a day a best and then its unplug time.

I’mm still under warranty. Do you think I should send it back or just shuck it and go buy a more reliable brand ??

Anyone suggest a more reliable brand ??

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Ohh, the irony! My second WD MyBook World Edition has just failed. No power light after a steady increase in the number and frequency of lost connections. I had the same sort of issues develop over the last couple of weeks; lost connection, unplug, plug in, restart and then it works for a while. Last night it finally gave up the host.

How do you justify selling a “back-up” solution when the back-up system consistently fails? 500 GB of data potentially lost, and definitely going to cost me money to attempt to recover. Brutal!

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After months of DNS problems, forcing me to reboot so that the network would recognize and write, this unit is on it’s last legs, if not DOA. I think it’s hardware failure after too many reboots which were prompted by inadequate UI regarding network settings. At this point the controller of the hard drive seems to be the point of failure. Blue rings don’t activate but I can feel the electrical current. I have been able to get it to come to life by tightly wrapping it in heavy duty plastic freezer ziplock and slipping it into the freezer. But even this now this cryogenic stuff does not resuscitate. Admittedly I have purchased another WD MyBookWorld white light, so this will make my third WD purchase of external hard drive. But since this is the second failure of three externals, while other manufactures are still going, I’m going to be cautious, read amazon reviews, etc rather than continue blind loyalty. For the record, Windows peer to peer network, XP and Vista 32 bit units. v.

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