Mybook World 2e edition - no data access


I’ve got a MyBook World (2e edition) with a problem. All the data is not readable.

I’m thinking data the partition with the data is corrupted. When I try to open the mounted directory (by putty/SSH), I’m getting the message that it not could be read.
I can enter the Dashboard. Only it going very slow, and only when I’m going to http://mybookworld/admin/system_index.php?lang=en after I’m logging in because I’m getting back to the login page.

I’ve restarted the device multiple times, updated the firmware, reset the configuration (not a complete reset). Nothing is helpful.

My question is: Dos someone know a (working) solution for this problem? I hope that I can keep my data.

I’ve got warranty until November 2011 (when I have to believe the website of WD).

Hi dude, if the drive’s on a RAID 1 then you could take one drive out and put it on Linux to recover the data, or in Windows if you install Ext2 Installable File System for Windows. if you’re on a RADI 0 then sadly you’re out of luck…