MyBook Worl Edition connect to WD-TV-HD/

Is there any way i can do this?

I assumed, lookslike the wrong assumption, I could just plug it into the WDTY via the USB.


My WD TV HD is connected to my Mybookworld via a network switch/hub. 

I have the same question.  I just replaced an old MyBook with the new World Edition (2TB).  I thought this was the perfect companion to my WDTV HD box, because I’d be able to watch all of my media AND remotely manage it over my wired home network.

After copying all of my media to it, I plugged it in to my WDTV HD box, and nothing happened.  I started Googling and came across this post:

“I know the USB port at the back of My Book World Edition … is for data extension only…”

WTF?  If this is true it BLOWS MY MIND.  This is an enormous drive; why would I need a USB port for data extension?  On the other hand, it would be incredibly useful if I could use it with WD’s own product, the WDTV HD box, so I could watch my media on my TV.  

What a brutal product decision.

Are there any brilliant people out there who can think of a way I can make this work?