MyBook Won't Power up After Purchase of New Power Adaptor

I just purchased a new power adaptor from Western Digital and I can now here and feel the unit doing something when I plug in the new adaptor. However, I never get a green light. What are my options now. The unit is a 500gb MyBook.

After disconnecting the NEW power supply adaptor and reconnecting I now have the same problem as before. I hear nothing spinning and no noises coming from the unit. Am I SOL?

If the drive is still in warranty call WD and see about RMA details.


they’ll put you through the basic troubleshooting process…

  • plug the drive directly into the wall outlet
  • try drive on another computer.
  • change cable and/or port.

If those don’t work, then you definitely may want to rma it.  by the way, what drive is it?

I don’t recall when I purchased the unit. It was probably more than 2 years ago. What’s the standard warranty for these units? I have a My Book Essential 500 gb version with the Green Light.

it’s most likely out of warranty, but you can always check the serial number on their support page.