MyBook will not run Smartware program

I’ve recently moved and after hooking up all the equipment to my computer I find that the MyBook drive is sort of unaccessible. I am running Win 7 64bit and when I go to the Computer in Explorer I can see the drive but when I go to run the Smartware to log-in and access the drive it just times out. I never get an error message and Explorer does not freeze but the green loading bar gets to just about the end and it just sits there, with the spinning cursor. I’ve uninstalled the drivers and tried to reinstall them but anything that is related to the Western Digital items just times out. The front of the drive has the status light blinking pretty steadily (about two blinks a second). Any ideas or suggestions? thanks.


I know that it was working before but anyways, try reinstalling the smartware on that computer.  Also make sure that you have the latest OS updates available.