MyBook (white lights) unreachable after some time

Hi all,

After searching the forums I found a lot of topics that look a lot like this issue, but perhaps someone can point out the exact correct one…

The issue:

After some idle time (time varies, sometimes 10 minutes, sometimes it takes a night), the WD MyBook (white lights) seems to lose it’s network connection.

The network setup:

  • Modem of the ISP

    • Router of Sitecom
      • Laptop Windows XP SP2
      • Laptop Windows XP SP3
      • Laptop Windows Vista SP1
      • Laptop Windows 7

Tried solutions:

  • Other laptops

  • Format of the laptop (had to be done anyway)

  • Other OS on the laptops

  • Connection by cable instead of wireless for the laptops

  • Soft rebooting the WDMB

  • Resetting the WDMB to factory defaults

  • Resetting the router to factory defaults

  • Disabling the Windows Firewall (no virusscanner after the new OS installation)

  • Firmware upgrade of the WDMB to the latest with automatic update

Working workaround:

  • Hold the reset button for 10 seconds on the WDMB and wait till it is booted

The question:

Does anyone know the problem, or even better, does someone know the solution to this issue?

Thanks ahead,

“Master-Guy” Marcel

Did you try just disabling the sleep timer? o.o

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My friend I am in the same boat, can’t go a couple hours with out the MyBook (white lights) disconecting. I have disabling the sleep timer, diferent router, different machines connected and not connected without luck. 

I had to disable the HDD standby in order for it to stop failing…

@Topher: Did you try the other things I listed?

I had similar problems and found a sollution, which works until now without connection losses:

I changed the power supply of my MBWE2. :smileyvery-happy:

I assume, that the original power supply is simply underdimensioned and after some times the buffering capacitors cannot stand the current during spinup and/or HDD-activity. This would explain the effect, that everything is fine for months and suddenly spontaneous errors ocurre.

Since the powersupply is a standard 12V one, you could exchange it with every universal one, which provides enough current (printed on the original power supply: output side in mA). To avoid future problems you coud add a safety margin to the original mA-value. 

Pay attention to use the right jack and the right polarity, if you use a universal AC/DC-Adapter.

Greetings from Germany