Mybook WE2 degraded mode recovery

after the firmware problem, the machine reported this message too:

“[volume status] volume “data volume” is in degraded mode”

I checked in the manage disk menu and I saw that the two hds were in “good” condition, so I hope it’s not a phisical problem… one of the two is marked as “unassigned” and has a “clean disk” icon in the right.

what’s the best thing to do?

should I clen the disk? then, the raid will make copy the data from the other hd? how much time will it take (for about 250 gb)? can I shut down the hd while he is copying?

or should I go to the “manage raid” menu instead and rebuild it deleting all the data?

A good advise would be appreciated :slight_smile: thanks

I would contact tech support for help with this.  doing the wrong thing could cost you your data.  also, it could be an issue with the raid chipset and not the drives, so it’s all the more important you get support help.  they should know this.