MyBook WD8001032 not recognized

I have an older MyBook Essential, model number WD8001032. It was originally used on a Windows desktop, then for a while I used it as a “Time Machine” backup on a MacBook. I need to use it on a Windows notebook computer, to copy files before reformating the hard drive. When I plug it into the computer, it says a USB device is attached. But there is no USB device showing on Windows Explorer. 

I have tried on two Windows computers with the same results. 

How do I get this device to work? 

What version of Windows? Those drives signifigantly pre-date Vista and 7 so if it’s one of those versions it might be an incompatibility.

Both computers are running Vista. They don’t see the MyBook, but do see that a USB device has been plugged in.

Was The Drive Connected to a Mac? So Was the Unit Formatted for FAT32 or HFS? in That Case if the Unit Was just Formatted For HFS ( MAC ) it Will Show As an unknown Partition Under Disk Management in a ( WINDOWS ) and Due to that Is not going to be Recognzied under Computer ,

->If it Was Formatted For FAT32 Then it Should be Recognized at 100% , Since it is Not , You Can Go To Disk Management To Verify What is Happenning or Device Manager

-Right Click on computer or My Computer , Select Manage and In Computer Management you will have Disk management and Device Manager where  You Could verify Whats The issue…