MyBook WD10000D033

Hey i got the shell of a WD10000D033 from a friend of mine. He kept the drives and handed me the external shell. Now what can I do to set this up correctly. I have two WD hard drives not exactly the same but I understand it will take the slowest and lowest denomination of the hard drives when set in raid. I just don’t know how to go about installing any software to make it work. I tried installing one drive in it and connecting it to my computer via male to male usb connection but my computer didnt recognize it (Win 7 64). Do i need to format and install something on the drive before hand? Thanks for the help.

Probably you will need to format the drive before installing into the computer.

It may not work substituting drives into an enclosure that was for RAID. The controls may only work on the original drive type and size.


I had read tha WD Anywhere Access was installed on it somehow (which is a derivative of MioNet) and I can’t seem to get anything to work. But unless someone knows from experience or knows how to reconfigure the drives i guess im screwed.

It appears that the NAS has an embedded Linux OS that utilises the first three partitions of the RAID. The 4th partition is available to the user. ISTM that you will need to find a way to restore the Linux code that was on the original drives.

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