MyBook USB drive keeps disconnecting

I have a MyBook 1.5TB external hard drive connected to the USB port on the MyCloud. It frequently disconnects.Any suggestions?

What alert/error message if any does the My Cloud Dashboard indicateor the external USB drive? Click the alert icon in Dashboard to see list of messages the My Cloud generates.

Was any data being copied to the My Cloud or the external USB hard drive, or was a Safepoint / Backup being run at the time the external USB drive disconnected?

What firmware is the My Cloud running? Check the WD My Cloud Dashboard for firmware version.

Thanks. I removed the errors so I have nothing there.

No data copied that I was aware of.

Firmware is 2.21 7/25/2016.

Mark Schmitt

This is message:

Unsupported USB Device
An unsupported USB device has been detected (vendor: 1058, model: 1102,
serial number: unkown). Please remove the USB device.
Wednesday, 2016 September 21, 18:09:00


Mark Schmitt

How is the My Book drive formatted? NTFS, FAT32, other?

In certain instances some of us (me included) have experienced problems with the My Cloud not properly mounting an external USB hard drive. In my case it was a 1TB Toshiba Canvio USB hard drive. The work around in my case was, using Windows 7, to delete all the partitions on that USB drive, then repartition that hard drive with one single partition, then reformat the drive to NTFS. Then the My Cloud would properly mount the drive. I detail some of my experiences in the following post (and discussion):


Thanks. I’m looking to do the same. Even though MyCloud does identify the
drive correctly eventually, it still will not mount it as a share. It did
for a while but then stopped after I ran a CHKDSK /X to repair some broken
indexes, etc. I’ve just got to copy over the contents to a spare drive or
my laptop first and then use Disk Manager to re-partition and format.

Thanks. I’ll see what happens. If that doesn’t work, then new USB hard
drive will be on order.


Mark Schmitt