MyBook USB 3.0 slow on mac

I just purchased a 2.0 TB MyBook USB3.0 hard drive for time machine back ups.  I reformatted it, and am know running a back up but it seems very slow for USB 3.0.  Am I doing something wrong?  Is it not compatible with 3.0 macs?

Have you check if your computer is USB 3.0? Remember that both connections needs to be 3.0

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thank you for your response, but yes, the iMac is 100% USB 3.0 capable.  I was wondering if there was some time of update needed for the hard drive, or maybe the 3.0 isn’t compatible with time machine?  I didn’t buy the “for mac” version of the drive, because I just reformatted it in Disk Utility.  That wouldn’t be it would it?

If the drive was formatted properly, you shouldn’t have any problems.

What is the transfer rate that you are getting?..

What’s the version of the MAC that you have?

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Well the rate is hard to tell now, as the backups have been small and incremental, but when it did the first backup it was around 250GB and it said it was going to take around 3 hours.  The mac is the newest version base level iMac with the newest software.  Thanks again for the help!