MyBook tries to mount, clicks a few times, then stops spinning then repeats...what's wrong?

So, I plug the Mybook in, the blue circle lights, I hear the drive spin, then it clicks 4 or 5 times, then stops spinning. A few moments later the cycle repeats and the drive never mounts.

It worked at one time and the drive has never been dropped. I have tried using a power source from another WD drive and same thing happens. Same thing even if the power is connected from the wall or a power bar. The USB cable was reseated and a different cable was even tried.

Anyone have any ideas?  Is there anyone that repairs these things?  I’m looking for a more cost effective solution to get about 5 image files off the drive, rather than paying a grand to a data recovery service.

Try refigerating your drive. Or using it in a significantly different environment temperature wise. Other than that you’ve covered the bases and the drive will need to be repaired professionally unless you really understand the workings of a disk drive and have the tools and knowledge ncessary to effect a repair.